Visit These Himalayan Treks in October for a Thrilling Experience

September 8, 2021
Visit These Himalayan Treks in October for a Thrilling Experience

India is home to some of the best and most exquisite natural beauty; the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas are no different. Especially during the Himalayan autumn, it offers an array of colors and sights. Autumn is one of the best times to visit the Himalayan region as It also lets you avoid the summer crowds—assuming you take the right trip. Amid the vast tracts of snow is a wealth of adventure waiting for you. In this list, we’ve compiled some of the best treks to help you decipher nature’s occult spells.

Treks for Beginners

If you’re pretty new to hiking but want to get exhilarated by its adventure, then add these three trek locations to your itinerary. 


The trek is situated in the meadows of Uttrakhand. The trail gets smeared in the snow, making it an excellent place for hikers. But the downside is that it gets overcrowded in winters.

Thus, the best time to cherish nature with tranquility is in the autumn. The captivating view of the Himalayas from the summit will leave you amazed.

Apart from that, in autumn, the difficulty of the trek is suitable for beginners.

Dayara Bugyal 

The Dayara Bugyal Trek is untouched as not every visitor knows this place near Gangotri. You don’t have to put much effort into getting a breathtaking experience.

The purity in the atmosphere will make you feel relished. The emerald-green grassland and snow-capped mountains are a perfect combination to admire the beauty of nature. 

Consider Dayara Bugyal for your next highland trip, and you’ll enjoy every juncture of it. 

Kuari Pass 

If you want to get a glimpse of India’s tallest mountain, Mt Nanda Devi, then Kuari Pass is the place for you. The duration of the trek is around six days, and you’re going to love every single second of it. 

You’ll be hiking on the trail amid Mt Dronagiri and Mt Hathi that’ll keep you energetic throughout the journey. 

If that isn’t enough, Kuari Pass also has the best forest among Indian hiking places.

Kuari Pass

Treks Of Intermediate Level

If you have climbed a few treks before, then you might want to level up to get that adrenaline rush. This section covers treks from the Himalayas with a moderate difficulty level. 

Har ki Doon 

The first highland on the moderate list is Har Ki Doon from Uttaranchal. With a handful of visitors, the place is untouched by humans. Thus, flora and fauna are flourishing. 

At the time of spring, the color of teak trees and the rustling sound of leaves is surreal. 

You might get a sight of black bears, langurs, and wild boars. With a clear view of Swaragrohini and Ruinsara, you’ll get a complete trekking experience.

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek 

 Bedni Bugyal in Lohajung is the place to visit if you like to watch the heights of India’s most splendid mountains. You’ll witness the mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises while walking the trail covered by Mt Trishul and Mt Mt Nanda.

The meadows are covering a significant part of the land, making the experience even better.

If you want to have the best camping experience, then climb the Bedni Bugyal Trek. 

Sandakphu Phalut 

A week-long soothing and adventurous experience in the vicinity of Mt Everest is all you need to break the routine. Sandakphu is considered the best place to camp in the autumn season.

Enrapturing views and dense forests, the trekking journey will undoubtedly be full of excitement and adventure. You’ll see birds and red pandas in the woods of Singalila. Thus, the trek will give you a surreal wildlife experience. 

So, pack your bags to get an enhanced view of nature and spend a few days close to mother earth. 

Sandakphu Phalut

Treks for Pro Hikers

So, you made it to this section probably because the other treks were too easy for you. Try the wonderlands listed below to skyrocket the adrenaline rush. 


The first pro-level trek is from the outskirts of Sikkim, Goechala. The duration of this trip can be around ten days. 

The high-top offers a crisp view of 15 prominent summits but asks for a little more effort by your side. 

It’s a dream place for nature lovers with a blend of thrill and adventure. 

In September and mid-October, beautiful pink and red flowers are the centers of attraction for the visitors. 

The lake of Samiti adorns the beauty of the Goechala trail. The serene view you’ll witness at the time of dawn will be dreamlike. 

Everest Base Camp 

Among the most popular and challenging treks, Everest Base Trek is a heavenly place for hikers. October is considered to be the best season to start your hike on the trails of Everest.

You’ll see the crystal clear water of Gokyo on your way to the top. The trek will keep you the closest to the grand Mt Everest.

With the view of sky-touching mountains and contrasting colors of blue and green in between, the place is nothing less than heaven. 

Bali Pass 

The last entry to the list of most arduous treks in India is Bali Pass. You can experience the heights of the great Himalayan range like never before. 

There’s a path that connects with Har ki Doon, and the trail will take you at an altitude of 16 thousand feet from sea level. 

It gives you a soothing view of several mountain peaks. All the rewards are tough to achieve as the trek is full of ups and downs. 

But once you reach the top, all the tiredness will vanish after watching the panoramic view. 


So, add these fascinating places to your itinerary and experience nature at its best.

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  1. charlesaboedingc

    September 29, 2021

    India is definitely a country with lots of natural beauties. Himalayas are always considered the best of the natural beauties. Kedarnath is a place with best trekking spot. It is rightly mentioned here that the trek is situated in the meadows of Uttrakhand. The trail gets smeared in the snow, making it an excellent place for hikers. The article clearly divides and describes the treks for beginers, intermediate and pro hikers.

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