Visit these 8 European Wonderlands during Winter

September 10, 2021

The Winter season makes the wonderland of Europe even more exciting. The snowfall and chilling vibes give a makeover to European countries.

You can play winter sports or go after the northern lights; everything is magical during the winters. 

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, the freezing season is thus the best time to visit the European nations.

But do you think about which European destinations would make the ideal winter holiday destination? If you can’t decide the perfect destination for the long winter break, we’ll help you out. 

We have compiled the best Winter Destinations in Europe, which will help you discover the perfect place to spend that winter holiday in Europe!

Barcelona- Spain

Messi left Barcelona, but you won’t feel like going once you’re in this aesthetic city of Spain. The town is a magical blend of diverse cultures, languages, and scenic views.

The perks of going in winter are that you can enjoy the new year night in Spanish style. The Fireworks and rituals of eating 12 grapes will give you a unique experience. 

The place is much warmer than other European cities, and you can easily walk around without getting frozen. 

One of the best things is that you won’t find it crowded with tourists in winter so you can enjoy it peacefully.

Budapest- Hungary

Get yourself a pair of skis and skate through the pile of snow. Although you can’t learn skiing instantly, the experience of sliding through the snow will surely make you feel like one of Marvel’s superheroes. 

After skating in the freezing temperature, you might want to get some warmth. Thermal Baths are here to serve you, soak yourself under warm water, and relax. 

The warm cafes and bakeries are the places you would like to feast. The Hungarian capital is a treat to visit in the chilling winters.

Venice- Italy

If you love festivals, then Venice is the city for you. The township is known for its grand festival- Carnival Of Venice. People wear spooky masks, and the town of the canal turns all vibrant.

The crowd during the festival is massive, but the experience will leave you speechless. The summer of Venice is all about crowds and chaos. On the contrary, winters are tranquil.

Thus, plan your trip to Venice, and you’ll fall in love with the culture and people of the town. 

Abisko- Sweden

One of the most magnetic phenomena of nature- Northern lights, is blissful. But in the pollution of any city, you can’t admire this natural aurora. Abisko in Swedish Lapland is a place to experience beautiful northern lights.

Away from the city lights and close to the arctic circle, the cold weather will make you shiver, but the natural bounties are unbelievable. 

There’s no better place than Abisko to view northern lights while being closest to the poles. Just sit back and get ready for the nature’s show of Aurora Borealis.

Interlaken- Switzerland

The resort town of Switzerland, Interlaken, is famous for lavish resorts and alpine meadows. A perfect blend of luxury and nature.

The mountains, glaciers, and forests team up to give an experience like never before.

There are a plethora of activities that’ll keep you engaged, and the place is made to be visited at the time of winter.

From paragliding to skydiving and snowboarding to skiing, you’ll be enjoying all sorts of extreme sports.  

Copenhagen- Denmark

Short and chilling days with cozy and comforting nights, Denmark’s capital is a place you don’t want to miss.

With Christmas and the new year, the township becomes the most sought-after destination for tourists in the festive season. 

You can enjoy the festivals with the local crowd, and it’ll be an unforgettable moment of your life. There are plenty of places like amusement parks, Christmas markets, and restaurants that’ll make your stay pleasant. 

Copenhagen is undoubtedly a place to add to your itinerary. 

Rovaniemi- Finland

The city is close to Santa Claus town, home of Saint Nick, So, you don’t have to wait for Christmas to meet Santa. 

The township is near the arctic circle, and you can make some reindeer friends here. Apart from Christmas vibes, you can learn about the Arctic region in the Arktikum Museum. The Science museum is home to the history, culture, and tradition of the Arctic.

If you’re a dog lover, then the huskies can take you on a sledding ride into the snow. You can also wish to witness the northern lights here. 

Prague- Czech Republic

Prague is a year-round destination among the grandest places in Europe. The city doesn’t get flooded by people in the winter, so you can easily explore the site without getting stuck between the waves of people. 

White snow beneath and clear blue sky above you, the feeling is surreal. The heritage city has a deep and rich culture with some architectural masterpieces.

You won’t regret visiting the township of Prague. 


We hope the article was helpful to understand the beauty and heritage of Europe. Let us know in the comment which European wonderland you’ll visit this winter. 

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