Top 8 best Formal Apparel Brands for Men in India

August 27, 2021

Fashion is an art, and if you want to be the Picasso of it, try formal clothing. But the real challenge is to find an ideal formal apparel brand that offers quality clothing and fits the bill.

Even if you’re more inclined towards streetwear or casual wear, you will agree to the fact that there’s nothing as classy as a formal dress-up. Formal clothing gives you a sense of being a gentleman while you look dapper at the same time.   

Whether you have a date night or an office party, formal wear is the right pick for every occasion

If finding an apparel brand is an intricate task for you, then you aren’t alone. Almost every other guy goes through the pain of finding a classic close-knit label. 

This article covers formal clothing brands for men in India that are for everybody type while being pocket-friendly. 

French Crown

We’ll start with a brand that isn’t that popular, but the clothing range is commendable. The company creates customized shirts, trousers, blazers, and suits with high-quality fabric.

The designs are voguish so that your style games never go out of fashion. The price range of the shirt starts from Rs.999 and goes all the way to Rs.5000. 

So, if you’re bored of wearing regular shirts, try the customized shirts by French Crown. 

Hunt and Howe

The brand has an initiative that focuses on healthy lives. Yes, you heard it right; this clothing brand has created insect-repellent clothing that can save you from mosquitoes and fleas.

Coming back to styling, Hunt and Howe offers a variety of formal clothing items that you should have in your wardrobe. The shirts by Hunt and Howe come with an anti-stain property so that you don’t have to spend hours cleaning that spill. 

This brand uses innovation without compromising the quality of clothes. The fabric is premium and breathable. Try their polo tees and solid shirts, and you’ll be a fan of this brand.  


You must have seen handsome hunks endorsing this brand. Raymond is supposedly one of the biggest Indian clothing brands. Class, quality, and luxury- these three words precisely define this brand. 

The company has been stitching fine-fabric shirts since 1925. You can get a perfect fit as they provide a customizing option. 

The clothing range is vivid with suits, blazers, chinos, shirts, etc. Visit a Raymond store to carry a premium look.

Louis Phillipe

Louis Phillipe is another famous mainstream clothing brand that Aditya Birla Group built. You can choose from a wide range of options of shoes, shirts, and trousers. The length of the trousers is precise, and that’ll give you a classy look. 

With the best craftsmanship, Louis Phillipe is a brand you should consider while creating your formal outfit.


Van-Heusen is a Brand that promises a premium and luxurious experience of clothing. The tagline is “power dressing,” which indicates the brand is for formal wear. Recently, they added the MyFit option that allows you to create a design for yourself. 

The brand’s clothing range is simple yet sophisticated. They have an elegant collection of suits, blazers, trousers, sweaters, etc. 


The brand is the right pick for an elegant look. Arrow has a skilled team of craftsmen that can knit quality shirts for you. The brand has been offering premium quality clothes since 1851. 

To dress smart and on point, Arrow is a brand you should fancy. It also offers accessories along with shirts, trousers, and formal pants. 

The brand promises quality and comfort, plus it’s also budget-friendly. So, you can create a voguish look without spending a lot of money. 

Peter England

Initially founded in Ireland, Peter England made its way to India in 1997. They offer two categories of clothing- Element and Elite.

Element clothing pieces are perfect for the guys working in the office, as they offer trousers, cargoes, jackets, etc.

The Elite look is for people who love styling and trendy fashion. So, if you like to dress smart and sharp, Peter England is the brand for you. 

Allen Solly

If you want something refreshing for your wardrobe, consider Allen Solly, and you won’t regret it. The brand’s idea is to let people express themselves using style and fashion. 

You can create a perfect attire for yourself as they offer a wide range of options like t-shirts, polos, chinos, trousers, pants, etc. 

The brand will help you get the desired look, and you are ready to be the center of attraction at the party. 


Accessories like wallets, watches, cufflinks, etc., are also an integral part of formal attire. Thus, you can try brands like Woodland and Red Tape to tick all the boxes. 

You’re now ready to create a dapper look for yourself. Focus on the color matching of your clothes to get a rich look.

So, these were the top formal clothing brands in India that can transform your look. The brands are inexpensive, have high-quality fabrics, and come with a perfect fit. Morever, it is important choose perfect formal shoes that can add more charm to your awesome collection. Check out our blog, Best Formal Shoe Brands to Spruce Up your Footwear Collection for choosing a perfect shoe brand.

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