Top 7 Supportable Ethical Clothing Brands to Conserve the Nature

September 8, 2021
Top 7 affordable ethical Clothing Brands to Save the Environment

We all know how humans are devastating the environment, resulting in climate change, global warming, landslides, etc. But did you know that the Clothing Brands of the fashion industry is the most significant contributor to the disruption of nature?

The apparel industry is only below the oil industry in the exploitation of the environment. From the emission of greenhouse gases to water pollution, the clothing industry is on the top in every case.

But what can we do to reverse the adverse effects? The answer is- sustainable fashion. We need to abolish the fast fashion model and adapt to the ethical fashion model. 

If you’re clueless about sustainable fashion and top ethical clothing brands, then this article is for you. Together, we can save our planet just by creating a small change.

Why Should You Switch to Sustainable Fashion?

The fast-fashion model is harmful to nature, and even the workers have to work in hazardous conditions. Cheap fabrics can work as a pollutant in nature. The harsh reagents used in the factory are released in the water bodies without any treatment. 

On the contrary, sustainable fashion is an eco-friendly way to look stylish. The fabric is of high quality, giving it the title of “sustainable.” 

Why are Ethical Clothing Brands More Expensive than Fast Fashion Brands?

The answer is pretty simple; ethical clothing brands aren’t exploiting their workers. The workers are valued, and the wage is fair. In addition to that, the fabric and reagents used in ethical apparel are eco-friendly, and it takes hours to prepare quality clothing. 

Top Ethical Clothing Brands:


The most affordable ethical clothing brand, Pact, offers comfort, longevity, and precise fit. The clothing brand has a range of apparel for every age group.

Their tees, leggings, and hoodies will never lose color and softness even after multiple washes. Apart from that, each clothing item is made from organic cotton. 

Clothing Brands


Although the bamboo fabric is known for its harsh process, “Boody” is an exception. It falls in the category of brands using closed-loop and zero-waste systems to cancel out any harm to nature. 

The comfort this brand offers is on a different level as the textile is soft and skin-friendly. They have clothing items for men, women, and even toddlers. Their clothing ranges from PJs, underwear, essential clothing, and activewear. 


Able provides job opportunities to the people who need it the most. The brand also has a significant number of women workers, making excellent clothing items. 

They are not just offering clothing items but a broad spectrum of jewelry and other accessories. The brand has many options for women like clothing, handbags, shoes, and many more.

You’ll fall in love with the comfort and quality of Able’s pieces.


Patagonia is a California-based clothing brand participating in environmental sustainability initiatives. The product range is broad as you can get clothing items for both adults and children. 

They believe in the recycling of the material and are among the earliest manufacturers of organic clothes. The brand believes in labor ethics and pays a fair wage to the workers. 

The fair trade factories of Patagonia are having a positive impact on the clothing industry as they encourage others to join the sustainable initiative.  


Center is An affordable, ethical clothing brand operating from Vancouver, Canada. They are among the supporters of ethical manufacturing, and the apparel is made using sustainable material. 

The brand wants to have a lasting impact on the industry as they believe in eco-friendly fashion. They are not just offering quality clothing, but on every purchase, they plant ten trees! Thus, the brand name “Tentree” indicates the give-back initiative. Until now, they have already planted 55 million trees.

They have a range of clothing items like bottoms, outerwear, bags, and accessories. Their minimalistic designs and precise fitting will make you a fan.  

Amour Vert

The numbers on the price tag might look too much, but the basic t-shirt collection is affordable and comfortable. The brand is from San Francisco, creating classic and contemporary items for the ladies.

You can visit the online store to grab a discount on sustainable fabrics. The material list is natural, and it includes hemp, ethical wool, and organic cotton. 

So, if you order a tee from Amour Vert, you’re helping nature as they plant a tree after every purchase.

Amour Vert Clothes


Levis’s is a brand known for ethical production and sustainable materials. They have an abundance of options for teenagers and children. Although the brand is at a higher price, the premium quality places it on the top.

They are famous for denim’s and are available in more than 100 countries. They are the face of denim in the US. They are inclined towards sustainable practices like reusable fabric, recycling of denim, ethical manufacturing of cotton, and many more. 

Once you have a piece of clothing from Levi’s, it’ll not fade away for several years. 


It’s high time to switch to sustainable fashion as the damage has already been done. You can choose from any of these ethical clothing brands, and there are several others in the market. 

We hope you’ll be wearing ethical clothing items, and it’ll be your contribution to saving our planet earth. 

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