Communicate with Your Body: Everything to know about Food Cravings

September 10, 2021

The dessert you had last weekend is still on your mind, and you want to taste it again. Or maybe you’re giving a second thought to ordering a burger for supper. Well, if such thoughts about food cravings keep invading your mind, then you’re not alone. 

There are endless possibilities of why your body is not able to think about anything but food. If you can’t get over the taste of your favorite brownie, then this counts as a food craving.

The fact which stands out is that you can’t fight out the cravings, the food craving as an opponent is way stronger than you. One thing you can do is to know what triggers the urge to eat and how to respond.

This article will unravel everything about food carvings.

What is a Food Craving and Why does it Happen?

A sudden urge or desire to eat something tasty or of a specific taste is a food craving. You might be busy doing your work, and all of a sudden, the pizza is running all over your mind. We usually have cravings for chocolates, cookies, french fries, or anything that can satisfy our taste buds. 

Although the diet culture portrays these urges as unhealthy, it’s normal to desire to eat something delicious. 

There are a handful of factors that can initiate the craving process. It’s the body’s way to communicate and tell you about the imbalance, lack of nutrition, or even emotional disruption. 

Food is not just an energy fuel; it’s way more than that. We’ll never say no to a new dish. Below are the few common reasons for craving:

  • Emotional Craving

Whenever a specific emotion starts driving us, the body gives us an indication to create a balance. When you feel discouraged or joyful, you get that urge to eat your favorite ice cream or maybe a burger.

The body uses food as a coping mechanism to lift your mood. Thus, you’re not the only “emotional eater”; instead, we all are. So, next time when you’re hurt or feeling low, give yourself a delicious treat, and it’ll surely make you feel much better.

  • Deficiency

“You might be iron/zinc-deficient,” this is a common notion we all have heard. Well, it’s true because your body reminds you that it needs to replenish specific nutrients.

Thus, if you’re low on energy, the body will demand something rich in carbs or maybe something sweet. Cravings can also be an indication of undereating in comparison to energy consumption. 

  •  Taste

You might have an urge to eat something even though you’re not hungry but just for the sake of taste. If you’re willing to taste new chocolate, or maybe the frosting looks too yummy to say no, your taste buds take over. 

Eating for taste even if you’re not hungry is normal, and it’s just a way to reward yourself. 

  • Restrictions

Our body doesn’t entertain any restrictions, especially when it’s about food. The more rules you impose, the more you’ll get attracted to them. 

Thus, it’s not easy to maintain a healthy diet while restricting yourself to a set of norms. 

How to Respond to Food Cravings?

The answer to this question is unclear as the studies indicate that both restrictions and freedom can cause food cravings. It would be best if you didn’t combine desires with some negative feelings. As we discussed earlier, urges to eat are completely normal. 

You don’t have to feel embarrassed or guilty while craving something to eat. It’s better to honor the food craving and go out to have your favorite meal. 

But if you’re looking to lose weight, then below are a few tips that can help you to counter such cravings. 

4 Ways to Stop Sudden Food Cravings

Drink Water

Our brain often gets confused between dehydration and hunger. Next time you have a sudden craving, drink a glass of water and wait for 30 minutes instead of eating something.

If the craving persists, then you can eat, but there are high chances that it’ll vanish. 

Eat More Protein

It’s necessary to fulfill the daily protein needs of your body. Protein can push away the cravings as the breakdown process slows, keeping the body busy with the digestion mechanism. 

Don’t Get Too Hungry.

Don’t let hunger grow, as we can end up making wrong decisions when we’re too hungry. The cravings will skyrocket, and you can’t resist eating junk food. 

Take small meals at regular intervals that consist of carbs, protein, multi-vitamins, etc.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s proven that sleep deprivation or lethargy can result in more cravings. As the body is tired, it needs energy, and thus it initiates food cravings. 

Thus to relax your mind and body, a 7-8 hour of daily sleep is crucial.

Girl having food Cravings


Whether you like it or not, food cravings are inevitable. You have to deal with them throughout your life. Thus, it’s better to create a balance so that you don’t end up overeating.

Falling for these urges once in a while is completely fine, but don’t let the taste buds impact your health. Only you can decide when you should eat and when you shouldn’t.

We hope this article will change your perspective towards craving, and now you can smoothly manage the urges.

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  1. Erica Jones

    September 28, 2021

    Food craving is a very common thing that is seen in many people. It is rightly mentioned in the article that whenever a specific emotion starts driving us, the body gives us an indication to create a balance. Sometimes people also feel the urge of eating something even though the person is not hungry. That is called as food craving.

    As the hunger grows people tend to make wrong decisions. So it is very important to have something whenever a person is hungry. Food cravings are definitely inevitable and you have to deal with it throughout your life. So its best to create a balance so as deal with it in the right way.

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