Check Out These 8 Travel Agencies in India before Planning your Next Trip

September 10, 2021
8 Travel Agencies in India before Planning your Next Trip

Everyone needs inspiration for a relaxing vacation, but planning a trip can be a tedious task. Packing, traveling, making reservations, and finding a hotel, all these tasks can preclude the journey even before it starts. 

Also, India is a true gem for travelers, but with so much to see and do, it’s hard to decide where to go.

You can dodge all these problems and make the vacation a memorable one, with the help of travel companies

Take a look at this comprehensive list of top travel companies in India. These companies know what it takes to plan and execute the best travel experiences.

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned traveler or someone new to the travel scene in India, one thing is for sure: you will not be disappointed by these destination companies.

Make My Trip

The travel industry contributes $247 to India’s GDP, and Make My Trip was one such initiative to boost tourism in India. 

Among the pioneers of traveling, this company has been planning trips for travelers since 2000. 

They have a broad spectrum of services to offer, starting from holiday planning, hotels booking, flights, cabs, and the list goes on. 

Their customer support is 24/7 available to help the clients, and the services are top-notch. 

So, the Himachal is just a few clicks away from you. 

Cox and Kings

Cox and Kings is a renowned traveling company. They have a head office in Mumbai and apart from that 12 other offices all over the country. 

It is also the longest existing travel company established in 1978. The market value of Cox and Kings is around Rs 6,189 Cr. 

Whether it’s a summer vacation with family or an office trip, the company can handle any situation. 

With such an experience, the company is undoubtedly the finest agency in the world of tourism.

So, set yourself up for a bike trip to Ladakh.

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook is a travel and tourism service agency that has been planning trips for people in more than 29 countries

They are found to generate around Rs 6936 Cr, and hence they are among the top traveling agencies. 

The company can make the travel planning like a walk on the cake for you. The company has numerous satisfied clients as the services are budget-friendly.

With an assurance of quality, you can contact the Thomas Cook traveling agency to plan your next trip to Goa. 

Travel Agencies in India for your next Trip


The company is known for its inexpensive and quality services. Apart from planning a trip, you can find a flight schedule, find a hotel, book a hotel, book buses, and other transportation services. 

You can find their app on the app store or visit their official website to get discounts and offers. 

Goibibo offers multiple services, some of which are listed below:

  • Holidays Package
  • Weekend Getaways
  • Travel Guides

If you’re thinking of going on a family vacation to the Northeast, Goibibo can provide you with the best experience. 

Mahindra Holidays and Resorts

Mahindra Group is a well-known name in India. The Group established its travel agency back in 1996. Customer satisfaction is their priority, and thus, they are known for premium services.

The company generates a whopping revenue of Rs 2400 Cr and is growing at an exponential rate. 

From family vacation to a weekend trip, Mahindra can arrange everything for you. Mahindra is a reliable company and best for lavish hotels or resorts.

The hotels and resorts are in a prime location in India that guarantees quality time.  

Travel Agencies in India for vacation

Travel Guru

The Travel Guru website offers regular discounts on flights, accommodation, and traveling. The traveling agency can make the trip smooth and convenient for you.

You’ll get more time to discover new places as Travel Guru will take care of all the planning aspects. 

It’s on the list of the top 9 biggest traveling companies in India. 

The good news is that the company is expanding the spectrum of their services and soon you can book a cab using their website. 

So, pack your bags for a trip to the off-shores of Karnataka. 


Yatra is a Gurgaon-based traveling company that offers a wide array of traveling and accommodation services. Premium services and pocket-friendly packages are the reason behind their 5th spot in top Indian Travelling Companies. 

Services offered by Yatra are listed below:

  • Domestic and International flight bookings
  • Hotel bookings with over 83000 hotels to choose from
  • Vacation packages with special discounts
  • Bus, train, and cab booking

Yatra promises an exceptional tourism experience to travelers. 


With top-notch active services like leisure travels, incentive travels, or business trips, SOTC is a leading travel agency in India.

It has been escorting thousands of travelers for the past seventy years. You can create customized vacation plans using their website.

The quality service has made traveling more manageable than ever. All you have to do is pack your bag and let SOTC plan a trip for you. 


These were the top 8 travel companies in India for a smooth and flawless experience across the country. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your outing now with your friends and family. Want to know place you should visit. Then tap on to our next blog. Top 8 Places you Should visit with your Friends in India

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  1. Erica Jones

    September 28, 2021

    It is very important to choose right travel agency before planning for going to a next trip. It is rightly mentioned that everyone needs a relaxing vacation but planning for it can be a tedious task. From packing to booking tickets of either flight or train, etc to booking a hotel; all these tasks are very important before travelling to a destination.

    There are various travel agencies available in India who does these work for the travelers so as to make their trip hassle free. Some of the names of travel agencies mentioned does amazing work in India to plan a trip for people who wants to have a relaxing tour.

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